Use new emoticons in Facebook Chat

We all know that facebook chat has very limited set of emoticons as compared to yahoo and some other social networking sites.
But here is a trick to use different emoticons while chatting in facebook.

By using this trick you can make the profile pictures of Facebook users and pages.
This trick is solely based on the fact that when profile ID’s are inserted in between square brackets, it automatically transforms into the profile picture.Procedure:

  • While chatting with any friend just type as follows
               [[unique id or Username ]]
          and press enter.
  • Here Are Some Of Examples


facebook chat emoticons
Some other emoticons:

Not bad Obama: [[169919399735055]]
Me Gusta: [[211782832186415]]
Mother of God: [[142670085793927]]
Cereal Guy: [[170815706323196]]
LOL Face: [[168456309878025]]
NO Guy: [[167359756658519]]
Yao Ming: [[218595638164996]]
Derp: [[224812970902314]]
Derpina: [[192644604154319]]
Forever Alone: [[177903015598419]]
Not Bad: [[NotBaad]]
Fuck yeah: [[105387672833401]]
Challenge accepted: [[100002727365206]]
Okay face: [[100002752520227]]
Dumb bitch: [[218595638164996]]
Poker face: [[129627277060203]]
Okay face: [[224812970902314]]
Socially awkward penguin: [[98438140742]]
Rage face: [[FUUUOFFICIAL]]
Lamp: [[100001256102462]]
No: [[167359756658519]]
MOG: [[142670085793927]]
Feel like a sir: [[168040846586189]]

3)So By Replacing ID And Usernames You Can Change Emoticons

Thats ALL !!

So I Hope Now You Can Express Yourself Fully On Facebook Chat.

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