Use WhatsApp as your personal note making and bookmarking app

In this post, I am going to share a productivity hack to use WhatsApp as your personal note making and bookmarking app. There are many occasions while surfing the Internet or going through twitter and quora feed when we come across something that we need to save to read later on. Also, sometimes we also need to save some random ideas or contents of to-do lists. Of course, For all these purposes there are many dedicated apps and most of the apps and browsers have built in functionality of bookmarking the links. But it leads to complexity when you use bookmarking option of apps and also chances become very rare that you read the bookmarked content later on.

So for you are using WhatsApp only for social messaging but you can also use WhatsApp to save your links and taking random notes. You just need to add yourself on the WhatsApp. Add your own mobile number in contacts and then send some message to yourself. Now whenever you need to save a link or need to save some notes, just share it with yourself.

whatsapp add yourself

whatsapp note taking

To make it more convenient, you can arrange your bookmarks and notes on daily basis. Type date and send it to yourself and then take all notes for that day. There are many other note making and bookmarking apps that I use but I hardly go back to them to read the saved articles. However, it is more likely to visit the bookmarks when I save them on whatsApp as I open whatsApp numerous times a day.

This has proven a very productive hack for me and I also suggest you to try this whatsApp hack for at least once. Share your experience with me through the comments.

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