How Spectrum became the Leading Provider of Digital Solutions in 2018

Spectrum emerged in 2016 when Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks merged with Charter Communications. Since then, Charter Spectrum delivers state-of-art digital services to millions of users all over the US. With continuous dedication and legacy, it holds an outstanding position among its users. It provides top-notch telecommunication facilities that are cable TV, internet, […]

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Shut down your Windows 10 PC using your Voice

Cortana is the most highlighted feature introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10. The digital voice assistant aimed to make things simpler. However, one element that mostly remained out of the reach of Cortana was the ability of Cortana to be able to shut down computers or put them to sleep or hibernate. However, Some tech […]

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How to Create Internal Hyperlinks within Google Docs

Having recently switched to Google Docs to write and edit my documents, I discovered a useful option whereby you can create links to text within the same document. It’s basically hyperlinking text to another document section, which is ideal if you have large documents like I do. Instead of having to resort to the tedious […]

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Play Retro Handheld Games Online in your Browser

The advancement in the video games graphics is so much that, some scientists started to believe in the theory of simulation. According to the Simulation Theory, we human being and other living beings are just simulated characters only as characters in high-end video games like The Sims and Grand Theft Auto. This video game revolution […]

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