How to combine two Internet connections for faster speeds

You have two different Internet connections from two different Internet Service Providers, both of which are quite slow. The problem is that you can use only one Internet connection at a time. Even if you connect to both the connections simultaneously, the Windows will automatically choose the one with higher bandwidth or one which is more reliable. The bandwidth of one connection goes completely wasted. Even if you have fast connections, it sounds good idea to combine them into one and get faster speed. Microsoft Windows does not support pipelining of two different modems or two different adapters. In order to to combine two Internet connections, you need the Connectify Dispatch software. Connectify Dispatch is a paid software but you can try it for free. For more details and downloading the dispatch software, you can use Google.

Combine multiple Internet connections

Here is simple, step by step guide to how you can combine two or more than two Internet connections to get their combined bandwidth.

  • Download and install Connectify Dispatch.
  • Connect to all the available Internet connections. There can be one WiFi connection and one LAN broadband connection. There can also be two or more than two WiFi connections. Here I have one WiFi connection and one mobile 4G connection connected through USB tethering.
  • You should see two Internet connections active in the Network and Sharing Center tab.

two internet connections one router

  • Now open Connectify Dispatch. Skip tutorial wizard if shown.
  • Click on the Start Dispatch button. It will show all the active Internet adapters.

How To Combine Two Wi-Fi - Use Multiple Internet Connections

combine two internet connections

  • The graph shows the individual bandwidth of each network and the combined bandwidth(solid black lines) after merging the two Internet connections. It also shows the current throughput and peak throughput.

connect to multiple wifi networks simultaneously

  • You can confirm the increased speed  by downloading a media file from the Internet.
  • For this tutorial, I have used only two combine two Internet connections. However, you are free to use more than two Internet connections and use their combined bandwidth.

Suppose you have access to two WiFi connections. But the problem is that most wireless card adapters allow connection to only one WiFi network at a time. In such scenario, you can buy an external USB wireless adapter. It is easily available and cost only few bucks. It is very small in size, even smaller than a regular USB pen drive. Connect the external wireless adapter to the USB and install drivers if required and you are good to go. Now, you have two wireless adapters – one inbuilt and one connected through USB. Make sure they are connected to two different WiFi networks so that you can use their combined bandwidth.

I hope this helps you. If you face any problem, let me know in the comment section.

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