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How to Create Internal Hyperlinks within Google Docs

Having recently switched to Google Docs to write and edit my documents, I discovered a useful option whereby you can create links to text within the same document. It’s basically hyperlinking text to another document section, which is ideal if you have large documents like I do. Instead of having to resort to the tedious […]

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How to Copy and Paste Words from a Picture

Google Lens is now available on almost all Android devices, plus iPhones, having previously been an option only on Google Pixel phones. It scans photos from which you can extract any text it recognizes (for example, on a gas bill, a passport or handwritten note). You can then share or copy this to other apps […]

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‘OK Google’ commands : Complete list

OK Google lets you control your phone and perform functions through voice commands. If mastered properly, OK Google commands can be very useful and productive in daily mobile usage. OK google is available on all devices running lollipop, marshmallow and nougat version of android. By default, OK Google detection is available from the Google app only, […]

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