Easiest way to grammar check and find mistakes in your essay

If you are regular content writer, you may need to check your content for grammar mistakes before final publishing. There are many paid and free online grammar checking tools that claim to remove the grammar errors from your writings. As a blogger, I also need to check my posts for grammar errors before publishing. I tried many essay checker and corrector tools but no one is fully satisfactory. Then,  I found a very easy and free solution for finding mistakes and grammar check my posts. If you are blogger or online content curator, this post could be very useful for you. In this post, I will share a very simple yet effective method to find grammar mistakes in your essay.

You might not believe but Google Translate can be a very good online tool for grammar check your essays and posts. When I realized its usage as a grammar checker, I am using it as my primary tool for finding and correcting grammar and syntax errors in blog posts.

Grammar Check your Articles

  • Once you are finished with your article/essay,  copy it in the Google Translate.
  • Suppose you are writing essay in the English language which is foreign language for you. Translate your article in your native language that you know very well.

find mistakes in my essay

  • Read your essay/article in translated language to find the grammatical and syntactical errors. Google Translate is pretty much accurate to help you to rectify major grammatical and  syntax errors. As you understand your own native language very well, it will be very easy to find out whether sentences in your article make sense or not.
  • The good thing is that  when you find the mistakes in your writing, you can edit it and changes will be reflected immediately in your translated language.
  • You can also directly type your content in the Google translate and copy it after rectifying the grammar mistakes.

grammar check

  • There is also option to listen your essay that helps you to find mistakes easily.

find mistakes in my essay

Although Google Translate is not meant for finding the grammatical mistakes, it serves this purpose very well. I suggest you to try this for at least once and find out how well it works for you.

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