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Shut down your Windows 10 PC using your Voice

Cortana is the most highlighted feature introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10. The digital voice assistant aimed to make things simpler. However, one element that mostly remained out of the reach of Cortana was the ability of Cortana to be able to shut down computers or put them to sleep or hibernate. However, Some tech […]

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How to Allocate More RAM to a Program in Windows

Some Windows programs are resource hungry, that means they needed much more CPU processing power and RAM. Examples of such applications are high-end video games and video editing software. If such programs are not getting enough RAM and CPU, usually they end up crashing. You can prevent a high-end program from crashing by allocating more […]

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Windows could not update the computer’s boot configuration [Solved]

Windows is suffered from quite a few installations and upgrade problems. If while upgrading Windows or making a clean install of Windows 10/7/8, you receive Windows could not update the computer’s boot configuration.¬†Installation cannot proceed,¬†then this post may offer some help to you. To trace the actual problem behind this message is difficult because this […]

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