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Partition C Drive without Formatting in Windows

In this post, we will talk about how you can partition your PC’s C drive into multiple volumes without formatting your entire drive. Before proceeding to the tutorial, we need to understand the concept of partitions on the disk. Partitions are the regions that separate one physical hard drive into multiple volumes. Moreover, disk partitioning […]

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Here’s How You Can Recover Deleted Photos Free and Easy

In today’s digital world, Accidentally loss of data files such as important business documents, photos and videos the worst nightmare faced by people. Whether it’s through a virus attack, natural disaster or human error, losing crucial files and information can be costly. Imagine you’ve spent a month taking incredible photos on your trip, but suddenly […]

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How to Create an Encrypted USB drive

It’s a good idea to encrypt your important files to protect them from hackers and others who use your computer. If you store sensitive data on a USB stick, you should consider using encryption to guard the data in case of theft or loss. There are more than one way and many different tools to […]

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How to Copy and Paste Words from a Picture

Google Lens is now available on almost all Android devices, plus iPhones, having previously been an option only on Google Pixel phones. It scans photos from which you can extract any text it recognizes (for example, on a gas bill, a passport or handwritten note). You can then share or copy this to other apps […]

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How to protect individual cells and cell areas in Excel

I often work in Microsoft Excel and it includes many different functions and usability features that makes the things more easy and increase productivity. Yesterday, I discovered that Excel lets you lock individual cells without locking the complete worksheet. Once you lock/protect individual cells in Excel, they can no longer be modified, but the remaining […]

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