How to Remove YouTube’s controls bar

Let’s say you are watching a YouTube video, and you decide to pause it at a certain point so that you can see the paused video, or you want to take a screenshot. In this case, you may notice that the video title and the player controls do not automatically disappear, making it hard to take a clean screenshot. The controls also obstruct your view, which can get irritating.

Chrome extension Hyde

If you are using the Chrome browser, you can quickly get rid of these controls when you pause a video. Hyde is a simple Chrome extension that lets you easily hide or show the video player controls. Mainly, I found this extension handy while taking a screenshot and the bar cluttering it up.

Remove YouTube’s controls bar

hide the YouTube video player controls
The Hyde extension in action

Add the extension (called Hyde) from here, then look for its icon (shown in the image) to ensure it has been installed. Now you press Ctrl+M to make the bar disappear. Next, press this shortcut again to make it reappear.

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