How to Create Internal Hyperlinks within Google Docs

Having recently switched to Google Docs to write and edit my documents, I discovered a useful option whereby you can create links to text within the same document. It’s basically hyperlinking text to another document section, which is ideal if you have large documents like I do.

Instead of having to resort to the tedious task of scrolling down long pages, you can make your readers happy by offering them internal hyperlinks as an alternative mode of navigation around your large document. If You read ebooks, you might already know the concept of internal hyperlinks. Mostly, you can found them on the content page, where clicking on some serial no., you are directly taken to that page of the ebook instead of scrolling down each page one by one to reach there. So this can be a handy feature your documents or ebook can have, especially if they have many numbers of pages.

Create Internal Hyperlinks within Google Docs

  • First, open your document in the Google docs in edit mode.
  • You need to bookmark the text heading that you want to hyperlink to. For this, highlight the text, click the Insert tab, then click Bookmark. A small icon will show in the front of the line indicating the bookmark.

google docs hyperlink

  • Next, highlight the text you want to use as a hyperlink, then press Ctrl+K to open the Link pop-up menu. Here, click inside the Link field, click the Bookmarks drop-down menu. Select the text you bookmarked, then click Apply (see screenshot).

create internal hyperlinks

hyperlink within google docs

This text will now act as a hyperlink that you can click to jump to your bookmarked text. Repeat this process to create as many bookmarks and hyperlinks as you want.


  1. ifm

    You can do the same process for headings, without having to bookmark the text – just change the text type to “Heading”.

    • Michael

      this is a great point – I could have saved myself messing around putting in bookmarks! Still, I’m grateful to have both solutions.

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