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How To Record Movies of Video Games on the Computer

Here are some good in-game video recording software that will record motion video in the background while you are playing your favorite PC game. Most of them support still image captures as well: 1. – Though this is a place for uploading screencasts of video games but they also provide a free Windows software […]

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How to unlock all levels in angry birds

To play Angry Birds online now, just visit Now this hack will unlock all levels in Angry Birds. Sometimes one may think that this level is so hard and very difficult to complete, so now those difficult levels can be skipped. This small javascript trick will unlock all levels, and thus, you can select any level […]

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Now Play Angry Birds in any Web Browser

Angry Birds, one of the most popular video games around that has so far been available only on mobile phones and tablets, is now also available for your computer.  Like a true web app, there’s no software to download or install and all it requires is a web browser. Since you have that already, just […]

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