Amar Pawar

5 Must-Have Apps for Travelers

Regardless of whether you’re heading across the globe or to the next country over, digital apps have become one of the most useful tools for travel. According to a 2018 study on global digital traveling, almost two-thirds of all American travelers rely on apps from their smartphones to enhance things like flights and transportation, last-minute […]

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How To Turn Your Laptop Into a Gaming Rig

Any serious gamer understands the importance of a good gaming setup from the computer to the mouse for FPS games. From honing your accuracy and skill to improving your ergonomic setup, having a gaming rig that’s customized to your playing style, preferences, and needs is essential—especially if your computer or laptop is used for many […]

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Stellar Repair for Excel – Product Review

One of the most common errors received by Excel users is ‘Format or File Extension is not valid’. On opening an Excel file, a user received the following error message, which indicated that Excel file format or file extension was not valid. Forceful opening of Excel file showed the data in the unreadable format: Such […]

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The question of how to get Adobe products for free is always a live issue among beginners and professionals as Adobe software is one of the most popular and widely used programs for creatives. Probably, you didn’t know that but there are at least 3 legal ways to get Adobe for free that don’t violate […]

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