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How to Extend System Partition Without Losing Your Data

When you install windows operating system on your Computer, you divide your Hard disk space into partitions.Generally you create a primary drive on which you install windows operating system and one or two other partitions for storing your data.You need to set the size of each partition at the installation time.After installation of the operating system,you […]

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How To Download Complete Websites to Browse Offline

Today we have pretty fast internet connections and we can open any website in matter of seconds when we are online.But what if we do not have an internet connection.Yup,there are many situations when you need to browse a website but you don’t have internet connection.It will be quite good when you can download the […]

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w3schools Offline version 2013 – How to Access Whole Website Offline

If you are an web developer or an computer science student,then  you must heard of is an website which consist of hundreds of tutorials about web languages and web technologies like HTML5,CSS,JavaScript,PHP,ASP.NET,AJAX,XML and many more.This is a great site for learning web development , both for beginners and advanced users. So If you are interested in learning Web […]

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