What is an EPUB file and how to open It

Found a file with EPUB extension on your computer or online but unable to open it? This post is all about EPUB files and EPUB ebooks and how to read them. EPUB (short form for Electronic Publication) is a free and open ebook standard.This ebook format is freely available and becoming popular over the Internet to publish ebooks, newspapers and magazines.The main advantage of EPUB files over other formats is that EPUB files adjust the font size and text layout according to the dimensions of device on which they are being viewed.This allow you to read the same file on any device like smartphones,tablets,etc.

How to open EPUB files

I am going to tell you how to open and read an EPUB file on your PC and all other mobile devices .Now its also possible to read an online EPUB file in your browser with the help of extensions.

Opening EPUB files on PC

There are two main Ebook readers for reading Epub files on desktop.One is FBReader and another one is MobiPocket Reader . Both are available free of cost. Another ebook software to consider for reading EPUB files is Adobe Digital Editions. Below I attached the screenshots of both FBReader and Adobe Digital Editions.Page Rendering is better and page load time is less in Adobe Digital Editions.

             open ebook with EPUB formatopen epub file with ebook reader software

Viewing EPUB Files in Browsers

Chrome Extension For EPUB Files

Go to the MagicScroll Ebook Reader page and Click Add to Chrome in order to install the Extension.

 MagicScroll Ebook Reader for chrome

EPUB Reader For firefox

If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser then, go to EpubReader Extension Page and install the Plugin.With this Plugin installed, you can read EPUB files in firefox without need of any external Ebook Reader software.

EpubReader Extension for firefox

Converting Epub into PDF Format

You can even convert an EPUB file to PDF. Just go to zamzar.com or Epubconverter.com and upload your file.It can take few minutes to an hour (depending upon the size of your file) to convert the epub file to pdf. Download the file and read it with your ebook reader. 

epub to pdf

Read EPUB File on kindle

Epub files are needed to be convert before you can read them on your kindle device.Go to http://calibre-ebook.com/ and Download caliber. Calibre is a multipurpose ebook management tool which manages your ebook library and convert ebooks from one format to another. Click Add books in order to add a book to your caliber Library and then convert it into MOBI format so that you can read it on kindle.Next Share the file with your Kindle device. 

Read EPUB File on kindle

Reading Epub Files on Android and iPhone

Numerous apps are available for both android and iPhone users to read EPUB files.FBReader which is already mentioned in the post is also available both for android and iPhone. 

Happy Reading!!!!!!

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