Change windows 7 password even you do not know current password

If you do not have access to a account in windows 7 , then you can change the password of a user without knowing the current password.

How to change windows 7 password without knowing current password:

  • Go to control panel and click on Administrative tools
  • Under this double click on computer management.
  • Select System Tools from the right window pane.
system tools in computer management
    • Under system tools, Double click on local users and groups and then select users. 
  • Now you can see all the login accounts on your computer.Right click on any of the user account and select set password.
changing windows 7 password
  • A warning message will popup the screen, just click on proceed button.
change windows 7 password
  • Now enter the new password you want to set and click ok button.

That’s it! your windows 7 password is changed without knowing current password. The only limitation of this method is that your current account should have Administrative privileges.


  1. Erik Johansson

    Great Tips! Unfortunately I can't get into my computer at all. Eventually I managed to remove the lost admin password using PCUnlocker Live CD.

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