Finally Chrome Fixed the Security Bug – Now Ask For password before viewing Saved Passwords

Do you Know that viewing the saved passwords in Google chrome was very easy before chrome fix this in their last update. Before this, you just have to go to Settings , Advanced Settings, Select Manage passwords and you can view all the username/passwords that you choose to save at the time of Login/Signup. There was so much written and asked about this security flaw in chrome as anyone who has access to your Chrome browser can easily view your saved passwords. 

There was so much discussion about this on the Internet but Google didn’t answer anything. But Now, finally, it noticed the flaw and made some improvements.

                                                                           The fix introduced by Chrome is just an improvement over the security bug and cannot be considered as full solution. Now when you need to view the Saved passwords in chrome, you have to provide your Windows user password(the password you need to enter when you log into windows). Why I am considering this fix as just improvement and not complete solution? It is quite possible that the person that have access to your Chrome has also access to your Windows password. So your saved passwords in chrome are not still fully secured. Still, it is better than complete open access to your saved passwords. 

 viewing saved passwords in chrome viewing saved passwords - enter your windows password

I am not sure in which version chrome introduced this feature but I am using the Version 36.0.1985.125 m and it ask for windows password before viewing saved passwords.

But what if I do not set any password for windows? Chrome behaves abruptly. When I removed the windows password and tried to view the saved passwords in chrome, it still says for Windows Password and when I click Ok (without entering password), it says Logon Unsuccessful. It doesn’t accept blank password. I tried my previous password, and it again says – Logon Unsuccessful. So what this mean? If I do not have set windows password, I cannot view saved passwords ? Obviously, Google needs to consider it again.

Google can use password encryption techniques or set some sort of authentication for accessing this section of settings in order to improve security.


  1. danny

    itsh a big shet, unuseful, only problems, i dont have any password on windows logon, and it stiil asking for password… The dumbest person from Google has maded this shit…

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