Create Shortcut to Shutdown Windows After Specified Time Period

  I love to listen to music on my laptop just before I go to sleep and sometimes I fall asleep while listening to music and my laptop keep running until it ran out of battery power.It would be great if it automatically shut down after a specified period of time,say after half an hour.Also if You cannot control your sleep while watching a movie, You would like to  instruct your windows computer to shutdown automatically after a certain specified time.You can do this by creating a simple shortcut in windows.Simply click on the shortcut and your computer will automatically shutdown after the amount of time you specified.

  • Right Click on your desktop and select New>Shortcut.In the Create shortcut window, type shutdown.exe -s -t 45 . Here 45 represent the time delay in seconds prior to shutdown .So if I want to shutdown computer exactly after one hour, I would write the command as follows: 

                          shutdown.exe -s -t 3600  Creating Shutdown shortcut in Windows 8shutdown.exe -s -t 45

  • Click Next and choose a name for your shortcut.Click Finish and a shortcut will be created on your desktop.
Creating Shutdown shortcut in Windows 8
  • You can choose icon for your shortcut .Right click on the created shortcut.Select Properties and click Change Icon.You may see a warning ,just click ok and  choose the icon for your shortcut.Save the settings by clicking Apply.
Choosing Icon for the ShortcutCreating Shutdown shortcut in Windows 7
 Creating Shutdown shortcut in Windows 7
  • You can change the shutdown time by selecting Properties and changing the value in the Target box.Creating Shutdown shortcut in Windows 7 and windows 8
Now whenever you need to schedule the shutdown of windows ,just change the value(in seconds) and click on the shortcut.
Creating a shortcut for shutdown is a great deal of convenience for windows 8 and windows 8.1 users.For shutting down the windows 8 ,the user need to go through many annoying tabs.The Shut down button in windows 8 is hide behind charm menu and PC settings.Windows 8 users can create a shutdown shortcut and pin it to taskbar by right clicking the shortcut and choosing Pin to taskbar from menu.But remember to change the timer value to 00 in order to shutdown the windows immediately.
Pin to taskbar shutdown shortcut
      By creating shutdown shortcut in windows 8, You do not need to go through number of tabs or steps to shutdown windows.You just need to double click the shortcut icon.
Similar way you can create shortcut for Restart and sleep.Commands for Restart and Sleep are as follows:
For Restart – shutdown.exe -r -t 00
For Sleep   –  rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0
Using the shortcut to shutdown the windows after specified time can be helpful when you are downloading something and want to shutdown the PC after download has been finished.Set the shutdown timer value greater than than the estimated download time.

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