Download YouTube videos in Edge browser with this extension

Edge browser was introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10 and it is considered as a huge improvement over the Internet Explorer.  Windows 10 also has a dedicated app for watching YouTube but I prefer to  watch the  YouTube videos in the edge browser. Sometimes, while navigating through the videos, you might found some very good videos that you want to download for later viewing. You can download YouTube videos in edge browser with the help of a simple extension called Tampermonkey. This extension allows you to have a button on the video page, clicking which you can download YouTube videos in  desired quality. You can also download the audio of a YouTube video in mp3 or aac format.

Download YouTube videos in edge browser

Follow this simple step by step guide in order to download YouTube videos using edge browser.

  • Open the edge browser and click on the three dots menu on the top right corner. Choose the Extensions option and click on Get extensions from the store. This will open the edge extensions page in Windows store.

download youtube videos on edge

download youtube videos in edge browser

  • In the search bar type tampermonkey and hit search button. Select the first search result and click on the Install button to install tampermonkey extension. Once downloaded, click on Launch button and turn it on in the edge browser.

download youtube videos with tampermonkey

download youtube with Microsoft edge browser

  • Once enabled, go to the tampermonkey extension and click on Find new scripts. This will open a new tab. Look for the GreasyFork link and click it. On the Greasy Fork page, search for YouTube downloader .

youtube videos tampermonkey

edge youtube download extension

youtube downloader for edge browser

  • From the search results, select the YouTube Best video downaloder 2(usually the first result). Click on Install this script. Again, click Install on the next page.

download youtube videos in edge browser

download youtube videos in edge

download youtube videos extension

  • That’s it. You have completed all the steps to download YouTube videos in edge browser. Now, just close edge browser and relaunch it. Go to and search for your favorite video. Look for the download button below the title of the video. Click on it and choose desired video quality to begin the download.

download youtube videos in edge browser

It also shows the size of the videos according to their resolution. If you face any problem in above guide, feel free to share with us by commenting below.

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