Fix Firefox 29 Crashing problem: Make it Work Better

I am not fan of Mozilla Firefox and normally avoid using it, especially, after launch of Google chrome. But Now I need to use it as I have to test my websites and web projects in different browser. I updated the Firefox to version 29 and its looks surprised me. Mozilla finally leave behind its traditional look and adopt the new lovely User interface. This new look of Firefox is inspired by the chrome.

Although, it is not fastest browser available out there, I like the new interface of Firefox. Also its load time is decreased and now things look more organized. While using it, I found few problems associated with the Firefox. The major issue I found with Firefox is – It Crashes constantly and freezes a lot. But you can fix this problem easily by changing Firefox’s default cache value. Here is how to make Firefox work better and avoid crashes. I am using the version 29 of Firefox but I think it should works for other versions also.

Fix Firefox Crashes

1. Type about:config into the Firefox address bar and press Enter

firefox crash

2. You will see a warning – This void might void your warranty. Click the button – I’ll be careful, I promise!. This warning is shown because you are accessing the part of browser which is normally accessed by developers. firefox warning

3. Next , In the Search bar type browser.cache.use.

firefox - browser.cache.use
4. Double click browser.cache.use_new_backend and change its value from 0 to 1 . Click OK.
firefox - browser.cache.use_new_backend
5. You can see the changed value.
fix firefox crash
6. Close the tab and continue browsing.

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After making this change, Firefox has not crashed a single time and it also feeling little faster than before.

Let me know if this small tweak worked for you. Happy Browsing.

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