How to Save WhatsApp Status Images and Videos

After acquiring by the Facebook, WhatsApp has introduced many new features and UI changes. One of these significant changes is the new way to set status. The newly introduced status feature allows users to set pictures and small videos as their status. You can also reply to your friend’s status.

A few days back, I opened the status of one of my friends, and I like it so much that I wanted to save it permanently on my phone. Note that new WhatsApp Status has a validity of 24 hours. After a little bit of research and googling, I found an effortless way to save WhatsApp status. The good thing about this method is it does not require root. In this post, I am going to share with you guys this method of saving WhatsApp status. For now, this method is only for Android users and not works on the iPhone.

You need to have a File Explorer which supports viewing hidden files. You can use any File Explorer, but I use ES File Explorer to Save WhatsApp pictures and videos.

First of all, view the status update that you want to save to the end.

Next, open ES File Explorer (or any other File Explorer for Android), and turn on the Show hidden files option by accessing the left menu.

how to save whatsapp status image

Now navigate to the root directory of your Internal storage and find a folder named Media inside the WhatsApp folder.

how to save whatsapp status of others

how to save whatsapp status android

Open the folder and locate hidden folder by name “.Statuses”. Inside this “.Statuses” folder, you can find all the WhatsApp statues of your friends that you already viewed. Copy the image or video that you want to save and paste it in your own gallery folder.

how to save whatsapp status video in gallery

how to save whatsapp status in iphone

Here note that only those status files will be visible that you are viewed entirely. If you do not see a folder with the name “.Statuses” inside the Media folder that means you do not change the hidden folder settings.

If you face any problem in saving the WhatsApp status, let me know in the comment section. Also, If you know a better way to save WhatsApp status image and video, share with our readers in the comment section.

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