Most Commonly Used Facebook Chat Slangs With Meanings

Almost everyone is on Facebook these days and most of them use facebook chat.However if your fingers hurt while typing messages in chatbox, then there is an alternative for you to use facebook slangs.These slangs save your lot of time and effort.Also you should know at least these slangs.  

Here is a large collection of Facebook chat slang  to use Facebook effectively. Have fun on Facebook!

Here are the Most Commonly used Facebook chat slang’s

ASAP As Soon As Possible

GN Good Night

M/F Are You Male or Female?

ASL Tell me your Age,sex and Location

IDK I don’t Know

SD Sweet Dreams

BRB Be Right Back

JK Just Kidding

Tnx Thanks

BTW By The Way

K Okay

TY Thank You

ROFL Rolling on Floor Laughing

LOL Laugh out Loud

TTYL Talk to you later

FYI For Your Information

LMAO Laugh My a$ Out

WTF Welcome To Facebook

FB Facebook

LMFAO Laugh my f**king a$ off

WTH What the hell

GM Good Morning

LMK Let Me Know

zzz Sleeping

BFF Best Friends Forever

Jk Just kidding

B4 Before

L8 Late

gr8 great

plz please

sry sorry

bbz babes

kk okay

kl cool

This List is far from Complete but it has the most commonly used slang codes in facebook chat.If I missed some then do share them with our readers by posting comments.

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