Reliance first 4G tablet in india at Rs 8000(160$)

In India we all know that 3G (Latest 3G Mobile) is successfully launched in maximum parts of the Country and some parts are still struggling for 3G services ,But we also know that in some rest parts of world 4G service is on the Rocks even HTC ,Motorola,Sony Ericsson have launched their 4G mobile phone which support this service (Take a look at Latest 4G mobile).And i Don’t think that know one is aware of Tablets and pads which are stepping into the market day by day.And by 4G to be Future need for the country most of the leading Telecom providers in India have begun thinking of their doors for 4G in India.

But we are now here to Explain you about What is 4G service ? The aim of writing this article is News which will take revolution in Telecom Provided ,And i think you heard it right that Yeah you heard that right, Reliance Tablet for Rs. 8000…that to LTE (commonly called as 4G).

Reliance 4G tablet features

Reliance is planning to be the first service to provide 4G service in India so that they will become to steal the heart of their customer.And by doing that thing they will complete one of their milestone launch of their first of its kind, Reliance 4G tablet.It is expected that this tablet by Reliance will Run on Android OS(Review Honeycomb 3.0) and owner are trying hard to give all specification and more which users are getting from other which are recently launched this year,(why don’t you read about dell window 8 tablet in 2012).Till no specification for this tablet is revealed why don’t you look at review of Lenovo Classmate +PC , Lenovo Thinkpad X120e and Apple Macbook Pro .
Now come to price range of this Tablet we all know that Customer First priority is cheapest and best ,Since prototype tablet computer for 35$ is also reveled so reliance have to make some strong aim by putting these things in min,Expected rate For Reliance tablet is near about 8000 -10,000(Not confirmed )But if reliance make that thing possible ,then i think reliance will for sure rule India with throne of 4G service on their Head.

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