A simple way to search for text inside files in Windows 7

Windows 7 search feature is very useful for searching files and programs. But it can also be used to search for particular word inside the text based files. For instance you are a software developer and deal with a large amount of code. Suddenly you need code of a function which is defined in a source file in some other project. You didn’t remember the name of source file but aware of the function name. In these kind of situations you can search files on the basis of text inside them.

Here is how you can search a file which contains some particular word :

1. Search the same way you search for file but adds the keyword content : before the search Word.

2. For example you want to search for files which contain the word SportsAthleteProfile. Just write as follows:

          Content : SportsAthleteProfile
3. The above command will list all the files which contain the term SportsAthleteProfile.
 searching in windows 7                                Normal Search
search for Text inside files in windows 7                                   Search For Text

4. You can search for files in two ways in windows 7. By going to start menu and typing the command in Search Box or by using a Search box located in the top right corner of windows Explorer.
5. Searching in the start menu can take more time to search as it will search the whole computer. If you already know which folder contains the file you are looking for, you can use the search box in the explorer window.
search in windows 7

There are many other advanced ways to search for text inside the files, but this is the simplest and fastest way to perform search based on the text inside files. Hope this helps.

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