Set a Video as Your Desktop Wallpaper Using VLC Media Player

Are you tired of same static wallpapers on your desktop? Here is something new that you can try with your desktop appearance.Using the VLC media player,you can set a video as your desktop wallpaper.If you don’t have VLC installed on your system,then you can get it free from their website.
                               Now lets start the tutorial to set video as your wallpaper.You need to make following changes in VLC settings:

  • Open VLC and Go to Tools and then select Preferences.Select the Video option from the Left and select DirectX(DirectDraw) Video Output.Select Save and restart the Player by closing it and opening it again.
  • At the time of writing this article, I was using the VLC player 2.1.3.If you are using an old version,you might need to check the box Enable Wallpaper Mode under DirectX.
 Set video as wallpaper in windows 7
After restarting the VLC Player,open the video you want to play on your desktop.Go to Video in Menu bar and select Set as Wallpaper.Minimize the Player as your video will be played on the desktop.
 Set video as wallpaper in windows 8Set Video as wallpaper using VLC Player
You can continue working on your PC and enjoy the video side by side .The playing video can distract your attention resulting in reduced productivity,so only use it when you are working  on something that does not need much attention.Well, I am enjoying my favorites videos while writing this post.
                                                          This will work on windows 7 ,8 and 8.1 and might not work on windows XP. You might get warning message that color scheme has been changed to Basic.
Note that while the video is playing on your desktop,If you click refresh ,the video will be stop playing and your original wallpaper will be restored.Also when you are done with video wallpaper, just close VLC and refresh desktop and your previous wallpaper will be restored.This is not a trick which can increase productivity but surely can help you to relax when you are tired of being working on PC .Share this trick with your friends and colleagues. 


  1. Anonymous

    this didn't work and made my video play pink please help

  2. Amar pawar

    If you are seeing pink screen, then your video card might not support Direct X output.Go to video in menubar and simply select set as wallpaper.But in this case your desktop icons will not visible.

  3. Sagar Basak

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Andrew Van Ruler

    i have dual monitors and it only shows up on half of each monitor.

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