The Best Free Softwares For Windows that Everyone Should Install

Most of the Good things in life are free and this is also true in case of the software world.Recently, I tested many different software and I am going to share few of them with you which are really useful and you must consider them for installing on your PC.There are numerous software available for windows platform, both paid and free of cost.But here I am going to share some of the bests among them which won’t cost you anything.These are some of the best general purpose software that any user should have.

1.Glary Utilities 4.3:
   Requirements: Windows xp,vista,7 or 8.
   File size : 11.3 MB
                               Glary utilities helps your computer to run faster by managing the startup programs, cleaning up its hard drive and freeing up space by removing the junk files.It provides some very good piracy tools and also have registry cleaner.The user interface is very good and quite self descriptive.
Glary Utilities
  •  Use the startup manager to control what starts with the start of the windows.Disabling some unwanted programs at startup can increase your windows boot time considerably.
  • Click 1-click maintenance and then scan for issues and Glary will check for some general issues like registry files,broken shortcuts and junk files.
  • Beside these there are many different modules and some advanced tools which can make your computer perform better.
2. AVG AntiVirus Free 2014:
      Requirements : Windows xp/vista/7/8
       File size : 42.5 MB
       If you are looking for an effective and light anti-virus program for your computer than AVG Free Antivirus 2014 may be the best option for you.It has a very simple graphical user interface .
AVG antivirus free 2014
While installing the AVG antivirus ,make sure you select the custom option.This lets you to decline the AVG toolbar installation and stops the program making any changes in your browser.
     Requirements: Windows 7/8
     File size: 2.5 MB
    ISO TO USB is a small tool by microsoft which lets you create bootable usb from a windows ISO image. In simple words,it helps you to install windows from a usb drive.You just need to provide the path of your .ISO file and select the USB drive on which you want to install the windows installation files.
iso to usb
 Click here to download this tool.
4.DivX 10:
    Requirements:Windows xp/vista/7/8
    File size: 970kb(installer only)
    DivX is a compression technology that significantly reduces the file size of videos without diminishing the quality.The DivX bundle comprises a Player,web player,converter and a codec pack.The latest version supports HVEC(High Efficiency Video Coding), a video compression standard that delivers roughly the same video quality as H.264 videos ,but at around half the bitrate.
divx 10
Make sure you deselect the browser bar during installation.
5.VMware Player 6 :
   Requirements: windows xp/vista/7/8 or linux
    File size:93.9 MB
    If you want to try a different operating system(for example,Ubuntu or Windows 8.1), a virtualization tool such VMware Player is a perfect solution.You don’t have to mess around creating new partitions or dual booting – you just run the OS directly inside windows.As well as including support for the newest operating systems,the latest version of VMware Player provides advanced hardware, so you can run virtual machines with up to 16 virtual processors,and include virtual drives larger than 2TB in size.
VMware Player 6
6.Ubuntu 13.10
    Requirements:a blank dvd.
   Ubuntu is a free operating system you can run instead of ,or alongside, windows.You will need to download it and burn the ISO file to a DVD.In Ubuntu 13.10, the Dash Interface has been redesigned.
ubuntu 13.10
Ubuntu comes with LibreOffice Suite ,Firefox and thunderbird email.It has a media player and a photo gallery.

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