Trick to know Facebook password typed in asterisk in friend’s Computer

This tutorial will show you how to reveal Facebook password typed in asterisk in your friend’s computer.
Go to or any other website of your choice on your friend’s computer.If you see something like this , it will work.

know password behind asterisk

  • Highlight the password in asterisk.
know Facebook password in asterisk
  • Right click on selected password and select inspect element(in google chrome).
hacking friends facebook password
  • A new window in the bottom of browser will open as shown in below picture.Double click on password , the password will highlighted and replace password with text.
password behind asterisk
  • After replacing password with text , it will look like
facebook password behind asterisk
  • Now look in the password field ,the asterisk code will replaced by text;
hack facebook

This trick will work on any site where password is typed in asterisk and you can easily decode the password.

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