5 Best Android Spyware Software that You Must Use Right Now

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Nothing works better when it comes to uninterrupted digital safety of your family than an Android spyware software. With the best Android spyware software, you can view, control and even remotely block the content on your loved ones’ personal devices. However, finding the right app is a real enigma that requires some professional help. But don’t worry, you are in the right place if you are looking for a reliable Android spyware as we are going to help you find and download the best software for Android phones.

For this purpose, we have gathered the most reliable and popular applications. Our top five picks include Xnspy, Win-Spy, Own-Spy, Phonty, and Swift Mobile Spy. Most of them are developed to work on Android phones, but some of them have their iPhone versions as well.

Let me discuss them all one by one.

  1. XNSPY

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XNSPY is arguably among the best android spyware software. The app already has a sound user base which tells how reliable the app is. The app has been rated top among its competitors in many reviews on the internet.

Features: This spyware has more than 30 features to offer for monitoring Android cell phones. The range of features varies from basic to advance. The features are categorized in different categories like location, remote control, IM messengers, internet etc.

For starters, let’s take a look at the Remote Control features of Xnspy:

  • The remote control feature is considered an advanced feature that allows you to control the target Android phone remotely in many ways. Suppose, you want to know what your growing kid is up to this evening? You can just access his smartphone’s microphone (remotely) and listen to anything going around him. You can also record all his incoming and outgoing calls through the remote control feature.
  • You do not want your kids to spend hours streaming YouTube, then you can remotely lock their Android phone without even touching the device.

These are just some of the remote control features that XNSPY offers. There are much more waiting to be explored in detail.

Performance: There’s a common notion that such spy software drains phone battery. Well, Xnspy is quite an efficient app and does not consume lots of power on a device. Being a spyware, the app is invisible and does not appear within the installed apps list. Besides, you do not need to root the Android device before installing it. And it is compatible from Android version 4 till the Android Nougat 7.

Price: Though the app promises to be the best android spyware software, the price is still very competitive. If you want to buy the app, you can start using it by paying as low as $8 for a month’s subscription; which is not expensive if you consider the features it offers.

  1. Win-Spy

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Win-Spy is also a phone monitoring software. They are known for their PC monitoring software but the spyware app has been a relatively new entrant in the field of mobile spyware.

Features: This spyware has 16 different features to offer Android smartphone users. In terms of monitoring, its features are of basic and moderate nature. This app’s few features stand out among the other best android spyware software. For example, the call feature gives you information about all the incoming and outgoing numbers. This information also includes the duration of the calls and their time. You can also view recorded videos on the phone.

Performance: The app installation is easy with Win-Spy as well. But its performance is inconsistent. Perhaps that’s the major downside of using this app. The app runs smoothly on some models but it does not operate the same way on some older versions.

Price: The app is cheaper and its package starts from $39 a month. You can buy it in the bundle form as well if you are looking for PC monitoring.

  1. Own Spy

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Own spy is a medium scale software on our list of best android spyware software. It offers limited spying capability on both iOS and Android phones.

Features: Own spy has only a few features to offer as it is a medium-scale spying software. The Basic version has 5 features while the advances package provides almost 10 spying features. This app can monitor WhatsApp messenger on any Android device. One of its utilities is that it can be installed on different devices. But it will monitor only one device at a time. Own spy lets you access the target phones GPS location. You can access the contact list on the phone and the internet browser history. But it does not provide any info about the stored multimedia on the phone.

Performance: Perhaps its biggest disadvantage is that is not a hidden software. This feature has its limitations and depends on the subscription you buy. They also not offer any phone or live chat support. Another limitation of Own Spy is that you can install it on an Android device once it has been rooted. This makes its installation more complex than others.

Price: One of the plus points of its app is that you can try it for free for a week. And even if you buy the product and are not satisfied with it, then they also offer a refund policy.

  1. Phonty

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Phonty is a feature-specific app that’s majorly used to monitor WhatsApp on a phone.

Features: WhatsApp has already turned into one of the top two popular messengers, Facebook is the only one ahead. This spy application is considered the best android spyware software if you only want to monitor someone’s WhatsApp messages. The app is available for Android phones only. It can read all your private conversations and group chats. You can also track all kinds of shared information including images and videos. You can also retrieve information about both the sender and the recipient.

Performance: Since the app has been designed for a single app only, it works absolutely fine for spying on WhatsApp on any phone. The only problem may be its compatibility with multiple Android handsets. Its performance varies if we use it on a Samsung Android device or a Huawei handset.

Price: The app is expensive if you consider that it offers only one a few features under its belt. The spyware starts from $64 a month. It is quite pricey when you compare it to Own Spy or Win-Spy.

  1. Ear Spy

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We have recently discussed Phonty which is an app-based spyware. Similarly, Ear Spy is a feature based spyware that can give you the ability to eavesdrop on those around you. Perhaps not the best android spyware software but definitely a top product in specific terms.

Feature: The app has been a success since it has more than a million downloads thus far. Ear Spy is actually a hearing aid app for smartphones. This app is available on both Android and iPhone. Ear Spy amplifies the sound coming through your phone microphone straight to your earphones. With the help of Bluetooth headsets, you can eavesdrop from the next room. If you are having difficulty listening to the surroundings, then it has a fine graphic audio equalizer. With its pro version, you can also record what you are hearing in MP3 format.

Performance: The app is simple and thus easy to install. It is fairly compatible with Android, iPad, and iPhone. They also offer Ear Spy press kit for journalists and bloggers with enhanced echo cancellation and automatic gain control features.

Price: The app is free to use and you can install it from Google Play Store for Android smartphones.

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