Add AdSense ads in the middle of Blogger posts to maximize revenue

If you use Google AdSense for monetizing your blogger blog, then you must heard of hotspots. Hotspots are the areas which yield the maximum number of clicks and hence the maximum revenue. In order to generate maximum revenue from your blog, you must place an ad below the post title

The second best place to display AdSense ad is middle of the post. I am not talking about displaying AdSense ads between posts, which you can achieve by going to layout, edit the blog post and selecting show ads between posts. Instead I am emphasizing on placing the ads between the content of the post.

 adsense alternatives

Displaying the ads in the middle of the posts has increased my AdSense revenue almost by 50%. In this post, I am going to demonstrate how you can advertise AdSense ads anywhere inside your post. One thing I want to tell you before beginning the tutorial- If you want to place ads in the middle of posts, you have to add the AdSense ad code manually in between your post at the time of writing. This is not much difficult as it appear. Just save code in a notepad file and paste it every time you write a new post.

1. Go to your AdSense Account and get the code of ad which you want to display in the middle of post. I recommend you to place either 300*250 or 336*280 ads between the posts. But you can choose any size depending upon the design of your template. Paste the code on notepad. 

 internet adsense ads
2. After you completed writing your post, decide where you want to place your ad. If you are already showing an ad just below post title, make sure you show another ad after appropriate margin.
3. It is good to align your ad to the center of available width. So we are going to add a div.
Place your ad code within this div. So your final code will look something like the image below. google advertising
4. Next, go to blogger post and click on HTML to switch to HTML View. Just locate the line below which you want to display ad. If you are facing problem in locating the position, copy some text from Compose view and search it in HTML view (By pressing Ctrl+F). This will 
immediately locate the line of text you are looking for. pay per click advertising

free online advertising
5. Once located, copy the code from notepad (with div) and paste it at your desired location. Click on the preview button in order to preview the alignment of ad with respect to your post content. 
online adsadd adsense in middle

6. In the div I added width:50% property in order to place the ad in center. If you omit this, you will see your ad in the left side.

7. Save the notepad file and every time you write a new post add this code manually in your post. 

If you face any problem in placing AdSense ads at your desire location, let me know in comment section. I will try to reply ASAP. Happy Blogging.
I also created a video for this tutorial. So if you stuck at any point, watch the video as I covered the same steps in the video below.


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    Well , you have to edit the old posts and add the code mannually.

  3. Amar pawar

    You are not modifying it . You are just parsing it and adsense aloow you to do that.

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