Why You Should not Use Ad Block Extensions

If you are a regular Internet user,you must heard of something called Ad Blocker.If you do not, Ad Block is an Browser Extension that allows you to surf the web without seeing advertisements.It is capable of blocking all the adds on almost every website you visit.

 No doubt, ads are annoying and surfing the web without them gives a better user experience.Reading your articles without any disturbing banners and annoying pop ups is just a piece of cake.But like every other story, this also has another side.Using an ad blocker by large number of Internet users can kill the awesome content you read and download on the web for free.Most websites on the Internet able to provide free content on the internet as they make money by publishing appropriate ads.Blocking the ads will not help such sites and this may result in the  shut down of the websites.You may point out that there is no harm in blocking the ads if I never click them.But many sites get paid on per view basis.So blocking ads will definitely hurt such websites.

Do not use ad block extensions
                                               Blocking ads is not an unethical or immoral kind of act.Its your browser and you can do anything you want to do with it.But your such act can result in people losing their jobs.It can definitely result in less free articles and tutorials on the internet and can degrade the quality of the content.When webmasters will unable to make enough revenue from their websites,they can go for some other unfair means.                                      
Ads are not always harmful.Appropriate ads can save your money and time by showing you offers and discounts.Even if you do not like to see ads,some ads can lead you directly to a page which you were searching.
It cannot be denied that using an ad blocking extension make online web experience better and you won’t need permission of anybody in order to use it in your browser.But if every Internet users starts using ad blocker,it will completely changed the web and make the free content disappear.If you are a regular reader of a website and care about its well being ,you should not block ads.

you should not use ab blocker
Let me stop and clarify that this is not going to happen at sudden but will affect many websites in future.Internet is awesome as it provide vast and up to date content free of cost.This is only because of bloggers that risk their career for producing a website and try to make living out of it.
I will end this by reiterating my point :blocking ads hurts the site you love.Please consider not blocking ads on those websites.

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