How to Backup Messages and Contacts on your Android Phone

Sometimes you need to reset your android phone or you just want to flash a new rom.In both cases ,you lost all your phone messages ,contacts,call logs etc.Even if you are not going to reset your phone,it is always a good idea to save regular backups of your messages and contacts.There are many ways of doing this on your android phone,but I am going to share with you guys the most simplest and easiest method that I used.

                                                            For this ,you are going to need just a small app called super backup ,which is available for free in playstore.
  • Install the app Super backup by going to Playstore.On your mobile search for the app Super Backup and install it.
  • After completing the installation ,Open the app on your phone and it will show you options for creating backup of your apps,SMSs,contacts,call logs,calenders and bookmarks.
  • Select the appropriate option and then select Backup.This app create backup copy in .xml format and store it in your SD card.
  • Similar way,you can create backup copies of your contacts,bookmarks,call logs and even of your apps.If you are going to format your SD card, save a copy of .xml file to your PC or email.
  • After flashing a new rom,you loose all your previous apps and so you need to install Super Backup again.After installing ,open it.In order to restore a previous copy pf SMS, select Restore and select the .xml file you want to restore.By default,the app store the files on the SD card in a folder name smscontactsbackup.Wait for the completion of restore operation.
contacts backup in android contacts backup in android phone
contacts backup in android contacts backup in android using super backup apk
  • Similarly ,you can restore your contacts,call logs ,bookmarks and apps.
Note that you will not be able to restore anything if you lost .xml files.If you are formatting your SD card too ,then copy the .xml file to your PC and transfer to SD card again when you need to restore.The app also gives you the option of sending the file to your email.Also you can change the backup path for saving .xml files and  schedule automatic backups by going in settings.
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