How to Beat Your Competition at SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a never-ending race. Indeed, you must be willing to try different ways of beating your competition to maintain a high rank. To be on the winning side, you may want to consider the following tips:


Always Create Fresh Content

The quality and quantity of content in your website is vital. It is indicative that you are active and serious about your venture. The search engine will always favor such sites. More so users are likely to share the content, which in turn leads to an increase in external backlinks. How do you determine the ideal quality of content? Well, it is determined by your capacity to understand the target audience’s concerns and needs. You can hence creatively address them on a regular basis. A search for the information on top-ranking websites and social media accounts will help you through.

Track Your Competitor’s Activities

It is acceptable to know who your competitors are and tracking their activities in SEO. They are likely to be doing the same thing to remain on top. Find out if they are making different choices in regards to their content or keywords. You should also try to navigate through their website and determine whether the speed and experience are remarkable. As you go through this, find out if there is something you can do differently on your site.

Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Use of keywords is an important part of SEO. It helps the audience to track your content. Initial research in the Google analytics will help you to come up with a list of keywords relevant to your site. Nonetheless, you must be careful to find keywords that your competitors are not using yet are important to the audience. One of the best strategies to consider is to create variations that widen the search or narrow it down to a local level.

Be Informed About New SEO Rules

SEO is a dynamic field, with new rules, tools, and techniques being introduced regularly. Being on top of the news will help you to come up with a unique strategy to beat your competitors. You can find such information on Google and check bulk rank tracker at

Participate In Forums

You will beat your competitors by participating in forums relevant to your industry for two major reasons. First, you have a chance to post links back to your page effortlessly. It is important to come up with meaningful and engaging ways of participating. You want to avoid being marked as a spammer at all costs. In this background, always go for topics and issues that you truly care about. Second, participating in forums helps you to build an online community. People who go for such discussions may not be interested in social media discussions. They need professional advice in a specific area. You have a chance to reach out to them and hence beat a competitor who has not yet been established as an expert in their field.

Come Up With Informative and Important Videos

The online community is fascinated by interesting videos. They are likely to share them more than articles or links. Take time to find ways of presenting the information on your website in the form of a video. You can come up with testimonials of a product advertised on a company’s site and link the video back to your site. Still, you can request clients to post videos on an issue of concern in a given time. Keep adding the videos to build a huge following in both the social media and on different sites. The search engines will eventually notice these efforts.

Manage Your Listings in Local Directories

If your business depends on local website traffic, it is important that you start to manage your listings. It involves claiming your page on many outlets such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. Fill in as much information as possible so that potential clients can locate you easily. It is inclusive of your name, location, and phone number. Consistency is important because a single client may be seeking for information in different directories. Further, inspire the clients to offer reviews on your service or product. It will encourage others to find you.

Avoid Tricks

Search engines dislike and punish website owners who try to trick their way to the top. While following the right path is challenging, it will pay eventually. Avoid overstuffing your website with keywords and instead, find the right keywords and use them minimally. Further, don’t pay for positive yet fake reviews. You will cripple your chances of getting a good rank. It is also wise to choose SEO experts wisely. Some of them are fond of using tricks in the bid to get quick money from you.

Certainly, you can beat your competitors if you put sufficient time, effort, and creativity in building and optimizing your site. An extensive search on the right content, keywords, and techniques is vital in this journey.



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