How To Download Bing Daily Wallpapers And Set them as Wallpaper

Microsoft’s search engine is definitely admired for one thing, there daily background images that they use on their search engine homepage.Not heard of Bing’s background wallpapers, go to Bing to see it now. 

These images enhance the look of the Bing homepage.By looking at the background image you may want to set it as your desktop background.However the bing image is not available for download and you cannot use any screen capture tool because of the bing search box which is floating above the image.In this post, I will guide you to download the Bing Images the easiest way.Follow these steps to download Bing Background wallpapers.

  • I am using chrome for this tutorial, but you can also use any other browser like mozilla firefox or opera.Go to  and wait for the Bing background image to load.
  • Once loaded, click anywhere on the background image(not on search box) and select Inspect element.
bing background image
  • After Selecting Inspect element, you will  see a window showing the html code of the page.Look for the line something like this:

background-image: url(…..)

  • Copy the url of the image, that is, the text between the round braces.This is the link of the Bing’s background image. Paste it in the address bar of the browser and press enter and Bing background image will open .You can select the text by double clicking on it.If you are facing problem while copying the text, look in the right window and you will see an image link.Just right click on it and choose open in new tab. 
downlaod bing image
downloading the bing daily image
  • Right click on the image and select Save Image as ,change the file name if you want,choose the destination folder and select Save.The Image will be saved and you can set it as your desktop background by opening the image and select Set as desktop background by right clicking.
saving bing background image

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