Best Websites for Programmers that Every Programmer Should Know

If you are a geek programmer, You usually need to look for some online resources to sharp your programming skills.From time to time, You need help to solve a problem or you might need to go through online tutorials when you decided to learn a new programming language. As a web developer and a programmer, whenever I messed up  with a problem, my first preference is always Internet.

Here are my chosen online websites that every programmer should visit.Some of these provide online tutorials , other provide full programming courses while other are simply question-answer based websites where experts provide answers to queries.Whether You are an expert programmer or a beginner,these websites will help you to expertise in your language.Most of these websites provide online tutorials and videos on coding.

Best websites for programmers for learning coding online
  • : Provides excellent courses with video tutorials on Java,Javascript,Ruby,Python,etc.
  • A portal that provide and explaine solutions of selected C,C++ and java Problems.
  • : It teaches major web technologies with video lessons, coding challenges, and screencasts.
  • : Provides tutorials and  solutions of problems related to languages like HTML,CSS,Flash,PHP,Ruby,Java,Javascript,etc.
  • : Provides full courses on technologies like HTML/CSS,Javascript,Jquery,Python,etc.
  • : Provides programming practices and challenges.
  • : This is my personal preference.Provides excellent online courses with videos and assignments from world’s best universities. 
  • : Similar to coursera, take online programming courses online free of cost.
  • : Provide fresh updates on web development technologies.
  • : Provide online courses specifically on computer science technologies.
  • : One of the best websites for online reference on HTML,CSS, Javascript,SQL,PHP,etc.
  • Question and answer based website for programmers which provide solution of almost every error. 
If you know a programming website other than mentioned here, please share it with our readers in the comment box.

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