The Better The Sound, The Better The Experience – The Best Headset For Streaming

The Introduction

It isn’t a possibility that you take a look around your house and don’t come across a pair of headsets. Most Millenials term it as essential. And, that may be a tad bit extreme. But, headsets do make life easier if you are into live streaming or recording on the computer.

Yet, the market is flooded with options for consumers today. Thus, if you are a novice at computers and a first-timer when it comes to purchasing headsets, then there are several features that you should consider before you invest in a pair of headsets for live streaming purposes.

Microphone and headset setups that are purpose made for live streaming can be quite expensive. Some mics and headsets can cost close to what your entire computer would cost. However, there are plenty of more affordable options available that offer similar sound quality and results. That is why it pays to do your research in order to find a headset that has the right features, sound quality, comfort, and design and also falls within budget.

Features To Consider

It is a possibility that you may have come upon headsets that came in free with a different tech peripheral purchase that caused you problems, or you may want to enhance the overall experience of live streaming. It’s smart to think and look before you buy.

Now, we’ve done our bit to find the several features that you ought to consider before you make a buying decision. Here’s our list of considerations:

Comfort And Build

Going for the most expensive option isn’t a possibility for everyone. Sometimes, it doesn’t even prove to be the best choice. You see, many expensive headsets are heavy to wear, have multiple feature selections that you may not need, and may not fit you right even with head adjustments. So, look for the headset that you find comfortable and one that is right around the head for you.

When we talk about build quality, though, then it’s all about durability. Many headsets are available in plastics, and metals such as aluminum. Now, the hybrids are made both from plastic and metal to provide durability as well as reduce weight. So, do read up on customer reviews to find the one that best suits your needs.

Sound Feature

This feature is, by far, the most relevant and crucial when it comes to headsets. No compromising when it comes to sound quality. Better to pay the pretty penny for better sound quality than settle for a headset where you can’t hear what is happening during a live streaming session.

And, when we discuss sound quality, surround sound is an alternative that may be well-worth your attention. Otherwise, it’s pointless to invest in a good quality pair of headphones. There are two choices – true surround and virtual. 

Virtual surround is stimulating real spacious audio through software optimization. On the other hand, the ‘true’ in the true surround is the physical driver attached to the earcups. Thus, you can hear audio from various positions that create a full speaker setup experience.

Noise Isolation

Noise isolation means that you aren’t disturbed by the noise that is in your environment. Thus, you can have a great live streaming session, whether it be playing games or watching some Youtube videos

But, many claim that the better the surround sound, the less the noise isolation. Also, the fit of the ear cup varies from individual to individual. Therefore, you may read very conflicting reviews about every product out there. The best way for you to determine what is perfect for you is to go try out a few before buying any.


Most gamers consider microphones as an afterthought. Some argue that this is not true. But, if you want to have a high-quality live stream audio experience, then you need a good quality microphone.

But, make sure that the microphone is easily maneuverable or detachable if that is your preference. Then, you must be careful about the software that comes with it. You see, it’s vital that you get the controls you need to operate the microphone as well as the headset.  

Look And Aesthetics

Of all the things that you need to consider, this may appear to you to be irrelevant. However, the market accommodates consumers with products in every imaginable color, themes, and sizes. 

For animal lovers, there are even products that assure you of no animal cruelty. And, for those who love bling, you’ll find the top-quality gold or diamonte-covered headset to cater to your demands.


It’s perhaps the second most pertinent determinant when considering any purchase, let alone a pair of headset. As mentioned earlier, never settle on sound quality. However, if you can’t afford to go for the top range products of Dolby, DTX, or Creative, then there are several choices for those who want quality with an affordable price tag. 

The Conclusion

To conclude, we can only hope that you enjoyed reading this article. And, also that you were able to gather some useful information about what is the best headset for streaming before making your final choice. 

Of all the things that you need to consider, this may appear to you to be irrelevant. However, the market accommodates consumers with products in every imaginable color, themes, and sizes. After all, you don’t want to opt for a budget model that doesn’t look as good as the others. It may be acceptable at the time but once new models start coming out, your head could be turned, again.

You see, it’s never a good idea to rush into anything, so doing a little research will help you a long way in choosing the prime headset for you. Reading about the top-range headsets, and their various features are smart. Yet, we would recommend that you go out there and have a little bit of fun before making your decision. 

Walking into a gaming store will give you the chance to see the different choices that you can have, allowing you to try out most or all of the products, from the highly-priced to the cheap, flimsy ones. It may sound like too much work, but you could end up learning a lot about headsets and choose the one that lasts for years and treats you to some truly entertaining live streaming sessions.

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