Top YouTube tricks that will enhance your video watching and sharing experience

Undoubtedly, youtube is number one online video sharing site.There are many fans of youtube who spend lot of time watching and sharing videos.If you are also fan of youtube and spends considerable time on this site, you should know some of the hidden features of youtube.You might already know some of them, but this post include some lesser known but highly useful youtube tricks that will enhance your video watching and sharing experience.This post is about some URL tricks,shortcuts,hacks and special features you can use on youtube.

1. Download YouTube videos in any quality

In order to download a youtube video, just add ss before youtube in the address bar and hit enter.This will redirect you to video downlaod page .Choose among the available qualities to download the video.If the video URL is:

It should be changed to :

 An alternative to this is to add the keyword pwn to the URL before youtube. This also works fine.

download youtube videos

2. Play YouTube videos in slow motion

This one might be the new one for many of you.In order to play youtube videos in slow motion, just hold on spacebar button and video will play at much slower rate.

3. Download audio of the video

Add listen before youtube in the video URL to download audio of video in mp3 format.For example,

should looks like
download mp3 of youtube video

4.Seek the video from keyboard

This is one of my favorites.Press the keys 1 to 9 to seek the video to 10%,20%…..90% of total playback duration.So if video playback time is 10 minutes, pressing five will seek the video to 5 minutes.

5. JKL Combination

Pressing the key J will seek the video to 10 seconds before and pressing L will seek it 10 seconds forward.Pressing the key K will pause it.

6. Automatically repeat a video

Sometimes we want to watch a video over and over again continuously.Instead of manually replaying it, add repeater after youtube in the url.For instance,

will become:

Note:This will open the video link in an external website.

automatically repeat a youtube video

7. Share only interesting part of the video

It happens many times.The real action in the video that we want to share does not start at the beginning.You just need to add (#t=XXmYYs for XX mins and YY seconds) at the end of the URL and then share the URL. For example ,

will make the video start at 1 minute and 4 seconds.Share the new link and the video will start at specified time.
Feel free to share new youtube tips and tricks in the comment section.

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