Block a phone number on android without any app

There are many times when we need to block some irritating callers. In this post, I am going to show you a very simple yet effective method to block a phone number on your android device. For this purpose, you do not even need to install any app. We are going to block a phone number using the inbuilt stock Contacts app. This app comes pre-installed on stock android devices like Nexus 4, nexus 5, nexus 6, nexus 6p, moto g2, moto g3, moto g4 , moto x, moto x pure , moto z etc. So if you are using any of these devices or any other device running stock android, you can easily block a contact. However, if you are using other devices like Samsung, htc  or Sony, I am not sure this will work for you. Still, I suggest you to give it a try.

Block a phone number on android

In order to block a phone number on your stock android device, follow the below procedure:

  • First add the number that you want to block in your contacts.
  • Once added in contact list, open that contact in the Contacts app and click on the edit icon.

block a phone number android

  • Next, click on the three dots button on the top right corner.

block a contact on android phone

  • A drop down window will show up. Look for the option All calls to voicemail and check it.

block a phone number moto g

how to block a number on android phone

That’s it. Next time, when that caller will call you, he/she will usually get a busy tone or not responding message. Follow the same procedure for any number that you want to block on your phone.

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