Bypass surveys easily and acess premium content

While surfing net we come across many websites which allow access to some content only after completing some online surveys. Generally these surveys include the membership form of a website.

With so many guides on the internet now about “how to make money fast”, webmasters are frequently forgetting why people visit their sites in the first place. Looking at the pages of some websites now-a-days, you could be excused into thinking that the internet has gone from been a world of information sharing, to one were a site’s user experience is disregarded in favour of website monetization.
The website, which published the survey, then gets a small share of the profit. In summary people make money by using your time!
What makes the use of content blocking surveys even worse, is that often the content, promised to the user after they complete a survey, rarely exists!

Today I will tell you an easy method to access the content behind surveys and how to bypass these surveys.

Just visit the wesite . You will see a link as shown in image below:bypass surveys

Right click on red link and select “bookmark this link” (in case of firefox). Adding bookmark guide for chrome is given on the website.

After adding bookmark, whenever you face a survey completing page while surfing , just click on this bookmark and your survey will be removed.

However after removal of survey the” xyz remover” also displays its own advertisement but these are not irritating and can be easily closed.

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