How To Delete Unwanted Auto-Complete Entries from Chrome

If you use Google Chrome, then you will definitely love auto-complete feature of chrome.This feature enable you to pick your user-name/email from list of previously entered entries so that you won’t need to retype every time you want to log in.

When I log into Facebook using chrome, I noticed that a list of other log in emails is displayed as a drop down menu.Among these the top one,which is mine, is correct while few other were of my friends and rest were incorrect entries.The incorrect entries are the previous failed attempts where I have misspelled my email/name.These incorrect entries do not bother me at all until,one day in hurry,I entered my password in the email text-box.After this,my password always appear in the auto complete list,after my email id.This was not good for me as anyone can know my password who uses my PC.

Delete unwanted auto complete entries from google chrome

                                           In my this post I will tell you guys how I got rid unwanted entries from chrome.

  • In order to remove unwanted entries from chrome,type the first letter in the box and chrome will show you all the previous entries started with that alphabet. 
  • Highlight the entry which you want to delete, either by tapping the down arrow key from your keyboard or moving the cursor over it.remove auto complete entries from google chrome
  • When highlighted, just press Shift+Delete from your keyboard and the highlighted entry will be deleted from chrome.


  1. shawnbon

    It doesn’t work

  2. Willy

    Thank you very much. It worked for me.

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