The Easiest Way to memorize the Ongoing Year Calender

In this post I am going to share a simple but effective method to memorize the whole calender year.With this method you can tell on which day the particular date of a month will occur.There are many methods for this,but this one is the most simplest and shortest way to memorize the ongoing year calender.It will not take more than 10 minutes to understand this method.
Lets do it first for the current year i.e. for year 2014.

  • You need to remember a 12 digit number 2-5-5-1-3-6-1-4-0-2-5-0.Try memorizing this in group of triplets(255 136 140 250).These 12 digits correspond to 12 months of the year like 2 for Jan,5 for Feb,5 for march,1 For April and so on.
  • Now suppose we want to find the day on 23 October, 2014.Take the month (i.e October) and look for its corresponding code(i.e 2).
  • Add the above number with the date i.e 2 +23  = 25.
  • Divide the above result (i.e 25) by 7 and find the remainder (modulus).

          i.e  25 % 7 = 4      [25/7 => Quotient=2 & Remainder = 4 ]

  • That’s it.Now you have the remainder and this is the day of the week on particular date(23 Oct in this case).
0 => Sunday
1 => Mon
2 => Tues
3 => Wed
4 => Thur
5 => Friday
6 => Saturday
So 23 Oct 2014 is Thursday.
You can try this with some other dates.This particular 12 digit code is only for the year 2014.Now I will tell you how to make this for digit code for any year.
This is simply one less than the day on which month starts.So in case of 2014 ,Jan starts with Wednesday,so its correspond digit is(4-1 = 3),Feb starts with Saturday and hence its digit is(6-1 = 5) and so on.
If the month starts with Sunday(i.e 0), and 1 less than 0 means loop back to 6.
At first you may find this difficult,but once you memorize the 12 digit code for the ongoing year,with little practice,you can quickly perform above steps and find the day of week.Please share this post with your friends so that they can also learn this simple trick.  


  1. Pratik Butani

    What about for other months. its not working for other months?

  2. Amar pawar

    This is only for the ongoing year 2014. For the next year only the 12 digit code will be different and the rest procedure will be same.

  3. Unknown

    What if it starts from sunday

  4. Unknown

    What if it starts from sunday

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