Send a Letter to Your Future Self

Yea,It sounds weird but you can send a letter to your future self. A service called futureme has made this possible.All you have to do is write an email now and it will be delivered to you in future.You need to provide your email and set the time of delivery in future.You will get email in your inbox in some future time.

You might think that it does not make any sense writing a letter to yourself.But think about it in a different way.After ten years from now,hopefully when you are living a life of your dreams,reading something that you said to yourself (in the past),it make little sense.At that time you may feel great when you receive an encouraging letter from your past.
                                        We all have some goals in our mind and a letter from your past may be inspirational to you.Getting a surprise from the past is kind of amazing thing.So send your future self some words of inspiration

Send a letter to your future self -
In order to send letter to your future Self , go to . Provide your email and set the time of delivery.I recommend you to provide an email that you are going to use for long time,that is, your permanent email address.However the site also provide you with the option of changing the email address.

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