Generate WhatsApp group invitation link to invite people to group

WhatsApp introduced a new feature which enabled group admins to generate a link which they can share with anybody and people can join WhatsApp group by just accessing that link. Before the introduction of this feature, adding people to a WhatsApp group was quite cumbersome task. Group admins were first required to save the contact numbers in their phones and then add each contact to the group one by one. Now, you can generate WhatsApp group invitation link. Just share the generated link with people whom you want to add to WhatsApp group. Anyone who has the link can join the WhatsApp group. Thus, there is no need to save all the contacts to your phone and then approve them manually to join the group. The guide to generate WhatsApp group invitation link is very simple.

How to generate WhatsApp group invitation link

  • You need to be the group Admin to generate WhatsApp group invitation link and invite people to the group.  Open WhatsApp and scroll to the group. Click on the title of the group and scroll down a bit and look for Add participant.

WhatsApp group invitation link

  • On the next screen, click Invite to group via link and your WhatsApp group invitation link is ready. Below the link, there are many different options. You can copy the URL of the link or share the link. You can also text it directly to your WhatsApp contacts.

generate WhatsApp group invitation link

invite to whatsapp group through link

  • There is also a option to revoke the link. If you choose to revoke the link, nobody can join your group using that link anymore.
  • Anyone with WhatsApp can follow your WhatsApp group invitation link and join your group. Only share it with people you trust.

whatsapp group invitation link

  • You can also generate group QR code. Print it on a paper and let people join your group by just scanning the code. To print group QR code,click on the three dotted menu on top right corner(on link invitation page) and select Print group QR code. You can save the generated QR code in PDF format and print it later on.

WhatsApp group invitation link

Generating a WhatsApp group invitation link can be very useful if you are creating a group for your website or online business. You can share the URL link of the group on your website and people can follow the link to join your group. People can also open the group invitation link in the web browser and join the group using WhatsApp web feature.

This feature is now also available in GBWhatsapp. For those of you who do not know about GBWhatsApp , it as  an app using which you can use two different WhatsApp accounts on the same android smartphone.


  1. Shanny


    How would someone be able to join the group by scanning the printed qr code?
    Do they need to install another app. Whatsapp only have the “WhatsApp web” feature to scan from pc/browser.


    • Amar Pawar

      You need to scan the QR code with your camera app. Most of the camera apps have inbuilt QR scanner. Once you scan the code, you will get the group name and the option to join . If your camera app not able to detect the code, just install a QR scanning app from playstore.

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