Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts For Fast Browsing

Google Chrome was launched by Google in year 2008.Now it has become one of the most popular  browser for internet surfing.Google chrome has achieved all this because of its awesome features like fast start up, fast browsing, simple interface,google extensions and many others.

          In my this post I will share some keyboard shortcuts that can be very useful.There are a bunch of keyboard shortcuts you can use to get around faster.

SHORTCUT                                                                       KEYS

1.New Window:                                                                  Ctrl+N

2.New Incognito Window:                                                Ctrl+Shift+N

3.New Tab:                                                                         Ctrl+T

4.Close Tab:                                                                        Ctrl+W

5.Close Window:                                                                 Ctrl+Shift+W

6.Add to Bookmarks:                                                         Ctrl+D

7.Show/Hide Bookmarks Bar:                                          Ctrl+Shift+B

8.Downloads:                                                                       Ctrl+J

9.History:                                                                             Ctrl+H

10.Open link in new tab:                                                    Ctrl+Click

11.Open last closed tab:                                                      Ctrl+Shift+T

12.Returns the tab to its original position:                       Press Esc while dragging a tab

13.Switches to the tab at the specified                              Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+8
position number on the tab strip:

14.Switches to the last tab:                                                Ctrl+9

15.Switches to the next tab:                                              Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+PgDown

16.Switches to the previous tab:                                       Ctrl+Shift+Tab or Ctrl+PgUp

17. Closes the current window:                                         Alt+F4

18.Closes the current tab or pop-up:                               Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4      

Incognito Mode:

I’m sure there are times when you wish the computer wasn’t keeping a track of
your browsing history. Buying someone’s birthday present perhaps, or logging
on to an Internet banking site. Whatever the case, in these situations you would usually have to go into your browsing history and delete any reference to the pages.

Thankfully, Google Chrome saves all that hassle with its Incognito mode. You can create a new Incognito window by clicking on the wrench icon and then “New Incognito Window”, or by using the corresponding keyboard shortcut (see below). This will open a new window which will either be blue or a darker shade of the window color (depending on your operating system and/ or Chrome theme) and will have a shady-looking spy icon in the top right hand corner of the window.

So what does Incognito mode do? Essentially, Incognito mode lets you browse the Internet just like normal. However, unlike in a normal window, activity from the Incognito mode simply isn’t logged – no record is kept on your computer whatsoever. That goes for history, searches and downloads; of course, if you download something you’ll keep the file,
but there’ll be no record of you downloading it in Google Chrome.As a security measure, going Incognito doesn’t access your saved passwords or logins.

There are really only two mouse shortcuts, but they still have the potential to save you a lot of time. They will also work with a number of other browsers, so they’re good to learn.
These shortcuts rely on your mouse’s middle button; for most mice, this means clicking down on the scroll wheel. Ifyou’re using a track pad or (for Mac users) a Mighty/Magic Mouse, you’re out of luck.

To open a link in a new tab, you can middle-click on the link. To close a tab quickly, you can middle-click on it. That’s it.

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