Now You Can Hide ‘Last Seen At’ On WhatsApp

Since its launch, one feature of whatsApp messenger is very annoying for some users.This feature is showing the time when the user last use the whatsapp. Showing the Last seen Timestamp was a major headache for android users. Hiding the last seen time is already available to iOS users for a while.

                                                          Yesterday, WhatsApp released a update of the messenger for android users which included the option to hide the Last seen time from other users.You can hide Last seen at time from everyone, only from those contacts who are not in the user’s phonebook or from nobody.eside this major new privacy option, the updated version of whatsapp messenger also include the option to limit the visibility of profile photo and status.

hide last seen at on whatsappdisable last seen on whatsapp whatsapp apk 2.11.169 new whatsapp features disable last seen

These new features are included under Privacy options .To make changes go to Settings>Account>Privacy.
At the time of writing of post, the update which include these new features was not available at the Playstore,but soon whatsapp will make this update available at playstore.If you wish to get this updated version of whatsapp right now,you can download the apk file from official website of whatsapp.Click here to go to download page.After downloading, transfer the .apk file to your phone and install it over the previous version.
                                                               The updated version of the whatsApp that include these new features is 2.11.169.The minimum requirements for the app is having Android version 2.1 or higher.Also only mobile devices support this update and not android tablets.
It will be quite interesting to see how WhatsApp users will react to these new privacy features.It will be no surprise if many current users of app not like the introduction of these new features.
One thing that is worth noting is that if you have chosen to hide your ‘Last seen at’ timestamp from other users ,you will also be unable to see others. 

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