How to backup all Messeges on a S60v3 and S60v5 phone before formatting memory card

Many times we need to format the memory card of our nokia smartphone.But we have stored our personal messages from friends,which we want to kept lifetime.So I’m giving you the easiest method to backup all your messeges collection on a Symbian S60v3/v5 phone.


  • Remove your memory card from your phone and connect it to pc via a card reader. Or connect your phone to pc in “Mass Storage Mode
  • Now open the folder named “private“,inside the folder ‘private‘, find another folder named “1000484b“. Open it,there’s a folder named “Mail2“, copy the folder to your pc and keep it in a safe place. This folder contains all your messeges.
  • When you have to restore the messages( after formatting your phone),simply restore the “Mail2” folder to it’s respective position, i.e- private/1000484b .There may be already the folder “Mail2“,just replace it.

After that,go to Messaging > press Options > Settings > Other; highlight “Memory In Use“,select E:Memory Card. It’ll ask “Copy All Messages To New Memory?” select No,then it’ll ask “Keep Original Messages?” (if you press NO,it’ll delete previous messages stored in phone memory,and if you press YES it’ll switch to Memory Card without deleting your phone memory messages.)press yes or no accordingly. It’ll then process(don’t press end or minimize) and you are done!


Have any problem comment here ,I will help you.

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  1. Shaon Ahamed

    nokia e63 xplore ver.1.64 dont show Private folder. So, what can i do . Please help ?

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