How To Find If Your Computer Can Run A Game Or Not

If you play only Mines sweeper or Solitaire in your computer or play online flash games then you don’t need this service as these games can be run on any computer.But if you play games created by gaming companies like EA, Ubisoft etc then this trick will come handy.

As there are lot of games and to play these games your computer needs to have some minimum specifications otherwise the game won’t run. “Can You Run It?” is an useful free online service that automatically scans your computer and checks whether you can run a specific game or not.
    1. How To Find If Your Computer Can Run A Game Or Not ?
  • Visit Can you run it? Website
  • Now you have to select the game which you want to test.You can either type the name of the game or select it from dropdown menu.
  • Once you have selected your game click on Can you Run it? Button
  • For running the test on your computer, it downloads a small ActiveX component (Internet Explorer) or Java Applet(Firefox/Chrome) and scans your systems configuration.
  • It will give a detailed result with information about each component and will also tell you at which point your computer fails in meeting the requirements.
  • I have tested Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in my computer and here are the results
cyri-find your pc can ran a game or not

Can You Run It? Is a great service that will help you decide whether you should buy or download a game or not.

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