How to Save Whole Web Page as pdf in Google Chrome without any Extension

Many times, while surfing the web, we need to save the web page for future reference.We also need to save the web page so that we can access it while we are offline or we may want to save that page in order to print it later.

                                                                    In this tutorial I am going to share with you a very simple method to save the whole web page as pdf in Google Chrome.For this you do not need to install any third party software or google chrome extension.This is very simple but effective way of saving web pages as pdf.Here are the steps:

  •  Open the webpage you want to save and let it open completely.
  • After the web page is opened ,press ‘ctrl+p‘ from your keyboard.
  • The print pop up window will open .
saving webpage in google chrome
  • Now you need to change the Destination and select save as pdf.
saving whole webpage as padf in google chrome
  • After this, click on Save and whole of the webpage will be saved as pdf.Now You can read it or print it offline.
If you want to save the web page in Chrome using extension then you can refer to my this post-


  1. Ritu Raj

    how to change default page size as A4 from Letter in save as pdf in chrome????

  2. Amar pawar

    Instead your using CTRL+P or selecting Print,use CTRL+SHIFT+P(print using dialog box).Then select your printer and click preferences to change the paper size and other properties.

  3. Casey

    clever! thank youuuuuu

  4. Samad Amiri

    after use CTRL+SHIFT+P , i dont have "Save As PDF" printer , to change preferences !!

  5. Amar pawar

    Yup, You are right, CTRL+SHIFT+P will wont work.

  6. step

    easy, super!

  7. Unknown

    That was very helpful. Thanks buddy.

  8. Dave

    Beware. This does not work. It saves the visible portion only, and less of it than most of the Chrome extensions.

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