Top sites to send text messages from computer for free

Is your mobile carrier charging you high amount for your text message plan? Are you hang around your computer all the day and don’t have much time to look at your mobile? Or maybe you just want to save some bucks that you spend on text message service/plan. The simple solution of all these is to use online text message services.

There are huge number of websites sites which provide online SMS Service. Each of them has some pros and cons like region availability, limit on number of characters, advertisement, sign up requirement, etc. I evaluate many of them and based on my personal experience I am going to share some of them with you.
send free text messages in computer
Sending SMS from your computer is very simple process. You just need to visit the SMS service provider’s site, fill in the details like recipient’s mobile number and text message and click on the send Button. Here are some top sites to send text messages from your PC.

 send text online - sendsmsnow

This site is on top of the list because of its availability in many countries and simple to navigate interface. You need to register an account with SendSMSNow in order to user their services. The good thing about this site is you can also receive replies in your inbox. Addition to this, you can manage your Phonebook and groups. And no need to mention here again, it’s all for free. Using this online texting service you can send SMS messages in many countries like USA, Canada, Germany, India and many more. This website allows you to send unlimited messages and also tracks history of sent messages. The word limit is 130 characters which is more than other free services offer.

 send messages free - onlinetextmessage

In order to send a text message from this site, you do not need even a mobile number. You can enter your email ID and response from your recipient will be delivered to your entered Email. Many carriers in all the major countries are supported by this service.

 send messages from computer yakedi
If you are living in Australia, then Yekedi is the service you would love to use for sending SMS from your computer. But you need to Sign up first before using their service. They are able to provide free SMS services with the help of advertisements. So the recipient of your message may see your message with advertisement. The main downside of Yakedi is it is only limited to Australia.
 send text online - textem

An USA based SMS messaging service which supports almost every USA carrier. You just need to enter recipient’s mobile number, your Email ID and the text message that you want to send. It supports maximum length of 155 characters. Text’ em is restricted only for USA users.

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 online text gateway txtdrop

Another online texting service which enable users in the United States and Canada to send text messages with instant delivery. Here, you need to enter your email (for receiving reply), recipient’s mobile number and your message. The User interface of this site is very simple and easy to use.

 way2sms send messages free

This site claims message delivery time of 10 seconds. You need to register yourself by providing your mobile number. The registration process is very simple and user friendly. It offers you contact management and Email alerts options. The restriction of this awesome site is that you can send messages within India only.

SMSCity send messages

From SMSCity, you can send international SMS daily for free. Besides sending SMS, SMScity allows you to make phone calls via your PC from 1 cent per minute. The only thing you need is a microphone. It allows you to send free SMS messages in more than 20 countries.

So, next time you ran out of your Balance or your Text message plan is over, you do not need to worry. Just head over to any of the above sites and send free text messages all over the world.

What are other services to send text messages from computer? What service do you use? Share them with us in comments. Happy texting.

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