Today’s 10 Most Popular Websites-How They Look When Launched

Do you ever curious to know how they look when launched for the first time?
                                                       Today’s most famous websites like Google ,Facebook, Yahoo,Wikipedia,etc look completely different when they made their first appearance on the internet.Now their look and feel have been tremendously changed  as compared to their first look.

                                           In this post I present the screenshots of today’s 10 most popular websites when they launched.The websites are:Google, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Yahoo, Youtube, Wikipedia, Apple, BBC and Myspace. in 1996

google look when lanched in 2004

facebook look when lanched in 2005

youtube look when lanched in 1991
yahoo look when lanched in 2001
wikipedia look when lanched in 2006
twitter look when lanched in 1999
blogger look when lanched in 1987
apple look when lanched in 1997 look when lanched in 2003
myspace look when lanched
Today’s normal blog or a moderate website looks much better than these.That’s show how dramatically web development and designing has been changed.

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