Top 10 free Android Games for february 2012

Starting this January 2012, we will give you all latest android games and apps which were recently released and are very popular. All the apps which we mention in our lists will be from Android market and the best part is , they all are free of cost. We will make the best search in the android market and let you know about the recently released android apps and games. Every month we will post apps which were released in the previous month. These latest apps will be reviewed in detail and will provide you all basic information of what exactly you have missed in the last few days. So, take a look at these Top 25 free android games for January 2012.

Top 10 Free Android Games: February 2012:

1) Super Stickman Golf : Super Stickman Golf game is an amazing game which was released this January 2012. This addictive game was downloaded by many people so far. It has an amazing 37,00+ downloads in the very first month. The game is a smash hit physics puzzler game where you have to use your brain at every point of time. This free app is an award winning physics puzzler game. You have swing the ball through different unique holes. You can use special abilities to help you reach the advance levels of the game. You can hit the ball through walls and ceilings. You can stop your shot in the mid air. This game got some special features like you can Unlock 7 super clubs, Over 280 unique holes, Online Leader boards, HD graphics, A 8bit chiptune game soundtrack and also few crazy obstacles.

Super Stickman Golf

2) Zombie Dash : Zombie Dash is an amazing classic arcade game with beautiful graphics. This game got some amazing visual effects with extremely updated graphics. The gameplay is optimized only for touch screen devices. You will find 4 different adventure worlds to explore in the game. You have to run as far as possible by touching the screen to shoot and jump. You will have a sub-machine gun which got some special features in it. You can also find many pickups in the middle of the game. So far, Zombie Dash as recorded over 25,000 downloads in its very first month of January 2012.

Zombie Dash

3) Devil Ninja2 (vs Boss) : Devil Ninja is a fast paced fighting game with complete ninja action. You have to fight with monsters and kill the boss. You can increase your combat skills with various props and upgrades. You can see new Boss, Weapons and Locations. Also amazing weapons like sword, darts, Fire dragon, shock waves, energy bars and etc. You can perform additional combos to kill enemies and upgrade your skills. The Multi-touch, Music on and off, and gorgeous graphics are additional features of this game. Devil ninja 2 has recorded over 16,000+ downloads in the month of January 2012.

Devil Ninja2 (vs Boss)

4) Overkill : This game got some amazing story line where you have to save the civil society. You will find some amazing weapons to deal with. Your work is paid in terms of bounty, no matter whatever comes in your way, you have to destroy it down. You can fight through 20 Waves in each of 5 Battlefields. When you complete beating

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the 20 waves, you will find a massive Hell wave. You can also play the game online with over 6 million players across the world. You will find a lot of things in the game, where you have to get 84 achievements, 30 ranks, 14 upgraded weapons, 100 waves and plenty of enemies to kill. This game has over 16,000+ downloads so far.


5) Where’s My Water? : This game has won many awards in the year 2011. Now, in 2012 its ready with all new features and advance levels. This game will teach you the importance of protecting fresh water, where you have to team up with swampy to protect the fresh water ecosystems and habitats. You have to collect as many ducks as you can in the game where it has a total of 140 levels. The graphics are really vibrant and the controls are intuitive. Even the sound track is amazing with sensational sound track. New collectibles and bonus levels will make you stay in the game for much longer. So far the game has recorded 10,000+ downloads in the first month of 2012 release.

Where’s My Water?

6) Tiki Kart 3D : Tiki Kart 3D is an extremely addictive game with lots of fun. You can take complete control over the vehicle, extreme physics, speed, crashes, weapons and a lot more. The game starts with a character named Tiki Bobby who will make friends, enemies and will contact every old buddy to make a race. The game starts from the depths of volcano’s where no one could ever imagine. The game got 8 karts, 15 tracks, a lot of rockets, land mines, fire balls, oil stacks, sticky tars, and a lot other upgrades. Each of the kart has got its own ability to handle it. You can accelerate to top speed and boost the power with many upgrades. The game has got over 9600+ downloads so far.

Tiki Kart 3D

7) Galaxy : Galaxy is a free addictive game which will exercise you brain tremendously. This brain and puzzle game is very popular with over 7,000+ downloads. The only goal in this game is to drag your fingers from star to star to connect them all without going backward. You will be having extreme fun in some patterns where you have to spend some time to think the pattern and way of direction. There are many advance levels which can be cracked by anyone easily. This game is packed with over 200+ levels and will add more in each update. You can accept different game mode options where you can take the challenge of finishing the pattern in less time. You will love playing the Time Attack mode, in this you have to solve as many levels as possible in a given period of time.

8 ) Tangram : Tangram is an extremely addictive puzzle game where you have to put all the dissected forms into one original shape. There will be a total of 7 pieces, where you have to make it a single and a meaningful shape. The game was originally invented in china. You can easily master Tangram through the arcade mode and move to the advance challenge modes which features over 1000 unique puzzles. Once you become master in this game, you can also try to perform as many puzzles as possible in a limited time. The game has HD graphics which will make the game very special and very enjoyable on tablets.Tangram

9) Fruit Devil : This is a very beautiful game with addictive interface and game play. The game main theme is to Help feed Fruit Devil. You have to help a hungry fish to feed him up and make him survive in the jungle. You can tap to jump over obstacles, predators and grab all the bonuses you find to get you as far as you can go in the game. You have to keep eating fruits to keep Fruit Devil in the game. The game got over 5,500+ downloads so far. You will love to play the game if you are one among who love chases and find collectables.

Fruit Devil

10) Zombie Fishing : Extremely amazing game which teaches you how to fish without losing concentration. The best part is you can slice fishes into pieces after catching them. The little zombie needs fishes, so you have to catch as many as possible and slice them to get coins as your rewards. Later you can use these coins to buy new items and have more fun. The game has 20+ different colorful fishes and 600+ meters water depth to explore. The controls are simple and easy to control. You will feel like a ninja who is cutting the bad guys into pieces. But here its not humans, its only fishes. The game has over 3900+ downloads in the month of January 2012.

 Zombie Fishing

Hope you liked all of these amazing android games released in January 2012. Be in touch with us to get more of these kinds of apps and games. If you have any query on this above android games, please let us know via comments. If you think we have missed any game, please let us know.

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