Use These Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts To Surf Faster

Almost all social networking websites provide some keyboard shortcuts to enable their users to quickly navigate between pages or directly launch an action.Previously I shared a post about Facebook Keyboard shortcuts.This time I am going to share some keyboard shortcuts for Twitter.Twitter supports a wide range of keyboard shortcuts that, once you mastered , can help you to get around the site much faster.
I grouped the twitter shortcuts in two sections namely navigation and action shortcuts.Try the following shortcuts:

Navigation shortcuts:

g h – press this combination of keys(one after the another) to go to homepage from anywhere. 

g p – This will take you to your profile.

g m – This combination will open your inbox.

g c – Opens your list of interactions.

g r – Displays tweets you’re mentioned in.

g u – Lets you view a user’s profile.

j – Moves you to the next tweet.

k – Moves you to the previous tweet.

.  – Load more tweets.

Space – Page down.

? – Displays the full list of keyboard shortcuts.

Actions shortcuts:

n – Compose a new tweet.

m – Send a direct message to someone.

f – Favorite a tweet. It needs to be open in a full page.

t – Re-tweet an update. It needs to be open in a full page.

r – Reply to a tweet. It needs to be open in a full page.

b – Block user.

u – Unblock user.

Got another twitter keyboard shortcut which i not mentioned, share it using the comment box.

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